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Florence A. Bliss
debut romance author

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taken by his sword

Taken by His Sword

He took her innocence…She took his honor. But when danger unhinges their world, someone will have to fall on their sword. 


The lust. The betrayal. The love. Sometimes the hardest battle…is seducing your enemy.

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Florence A. Bliss is an author from Las Vegas, NV who has a keen eye for writing love stories full of drama, heartache, humor, and enough seduction to light the pages on fire. With an MFA in creative writing from UNLV, Florence loves to write across genres but has found her home in romance. She lives with her fancy Italian husband and two children. Together they love to travel, explore the ghost towns around Las Vegas, roadtrip up and down the Pacific coast, and of course drink coffee out of tiny cups (milk for the kids).  Florence is an avid people watcher and strives to understand why people do what they do, and she never tires of imagining the stories of what couples have had to overcome in order to come together.  

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